The greatest European bows from the Czech Republic
the land of Dvořák, Smetana and Janáček

  • pavel-sporcl-concert-violinist2

    Pavel Šporcl, concert violinist

    I have never played a better violin bow. Ever-lasting and most reliable.

  • pavel-sporcl-concert-violinist2-2

    Ivan Ženatý, Professor of Violin Cleveland Institute of Music

    I play exclusively on bows made by masters Eugène Sartory and Petr Auředník.

  • jan-mracek

    Jan Mráček

    From the moment I laid my hands on an Auředník bow, I knew I had to had one made.

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We make top quality French style bows from the finest materials that have a sinificant impact on the quality of the sound. Trusted by many.

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