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Pavel Šporcl, concert violinist

I have never played a better violin bow. Ever-lasting and most reliable.


Ivan Ženatý, Professor of Violin Cleveland Institute of Music

I play exclusively on bows made by masters Eugène Sartory and Petr Auředník.


Jan Mráček

From the moment I laid my hands on an Auředník bow, I knew I had to had one made.


Michal Kaňka, concerto viloncello

"A violoncello bow by Auředník is a musical instrument on its own."


Petr Matěják, concert master of Komische Oper in Berlin

"I value my bows from Petr Auředník because of their tonal and technical qualities. I enjoy playing them both in my solo career and in the orchestra."


Petr Nouzovský, violoncello

"High quality wood used for Aurednik Bows combines a lot of color possibilities and warm big sound. I get the same feeling when playing fine old French bows."


Jan Fišer - concertmaster of the PKF - Prague Philharmonia

"The bow by Petr Auředník adds another dimension to my instrument. If you let it lead you, it will never dissapoint you."


Kristina Nouzovská, viola

"The sound and even look of Auředník Bows is magnificent. Their bows are as good as French bows. Simply a piece of art."


Jiří Fišer - professor of violin

"I have been using the German bow type my whole life but now that I have discovered the French type by Petr Auředník, I finally know what it is to enjoy every tone."

Mariona Oliu, viola - Orquestra Nacional Clàssica d'Andorra, Quixote Quartet)

"Auředník Bows - the perfect blend of ultimate craft mastery and brilliant sound."

Míriam Fèlix, violoncello - Orquestra de Cambra Illa de Menorca

"Brilliant. Simply brilliant."

Petr Verner, violin player

"An excellent violin deserved an excellent bow... I was lucky I found Auředník Bows."

Daniel Cubero, violin - Quixote Quartet

"I love Peter's work. He has created a unique bow and is always there for me when I need maintenance."

María Sanz, violin - Quixote Quartet

"A bow by Auředník Bows is a piece of art."

Mauro Rossi, Orquesta Nacional de España

"A true french style bow. What can I say?"